AM 1610 Hamtramck

The Station

AM 1610 Hamtramck is a low power, non-commercial, AM radio station broadcasting in Hamtramck, Michigan. We are your weird friends with lots of records.

Phone: (313) 718-1610. Call us or send us a text message. Leave a clever message and maybe we'll play it on the air.

AM 1610 The Station Address: 11758 Sobieski Hamtramck, MI 48212

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is my friend's show on? Check out our schedule. We try to keep it updated.
  • Do you have a sweet tumblr blog I can follow? Yes!
  • Are you licensed to play that song? We write yearly royalty checks to ASCAP and BMI to keep them off our backs. Musicians: expect the money to start rolling in any minute.
  • How do I buy advertising? We don't have any advertising. If you really want to give us money, wait until our next fundraising project and back us.
  • You got the twitter? Yes follow @TheStation1610
  • What kind of equipment are you using? Transmitter is a Hamilton AM1000C. We've got an Arrakis ARC-8 console, a couple of Heil PR-40s, and a pair of SL-1200s. We use homebrew linux systems for automation and streaming.
  • How is what you're doing legal? Broadcasting AM at less than 100mW is legal under Part 15 of the FCC guidelines. Seriously, look it up.
  • Why don't you broadcast in FM? Low Power FM is regulated by the FCC and therefore a pain in the ass. Under part 15, the signal doesn't have any range.
  • How do I get a low power radio station? You just set one up and follow the rules.
  • How do I get my music on the air? If you're an artist with Michigan roots, lay it on us. Address at the top of the page. Extra points for vinyl.